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DAK Resources, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business committed to connecting Employers with highly skilled and trained Military Veterans as they transition from active service to the civilian labor force. Additionally, DAK Resources, Inc. will offer Business Consultants to the Public and Private Sectors providing staffing services and business solutions.

We specialize in one or more disciplines including staffing, information technology, finance, marketing, human resources, government contracts, homeland security business development, operations and logistics for business, training, and supply chain management.

Information Technology - We customize and install products / services that enable software companies to scale their offerings at lower costs and operational risks. We provide high-performance e-Business Solutions and e-Commerce solutions to assist our clients provide the quality and service required for competitive differentiation. Our Infrastructure Management Services offer a complete portfolio of solutions and services for managing enterprise IT infrastructures.

Finance - Plan and perform procedures in accordance with applicable professional standards and accounting regulations and in accordance with government regulations.

Marketing - Plan and perform procedures in accordance with applicable professional standards, grant agreements, Federal and State laws to form an opinion as to the entity's compliance with its grant or other agreements.

Human Resources - Plan and perform procedures designed and agreed to by management to form conclusions, make recommendations or meet other pre-determined goals and deliver a report describing the procedures performed and the results of the procedures.

Government Contracts - Analyzing, all documents phases of contract support from negotiations to life cycle management to ensure compliance with all government or commercial contracting, in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and government regulations.

Security Business Development - Planning and developing emergency preparedness and response (for both terrorism and natural disasters), including volunteer medical, police , emergency management , and fire personnel. To analyze transportation security, including aviation and maritime transportation and the critical infrastructure protection.

Business Operations and Logistics - Promote compliance of logistics operations with legislation, regulations, and organizational procedures. While maintaining a timely process of planning, implementing and controlling the customer operations to ensure just in time and cost effectiveness operations.

Consulting - Special projects related to business development, accounting, marketing, training, staffing, contracting, and security.

Training - Design and teach course plan to meet the objective determined by the party requesting training, including technical issues in the fields of logistics, contracting, accounting, marketing, safety, and security.

Supply Chain Management - The delivery of customer and economic value through integrated management of the flow of physical goods and associated information. While planning, implementing monitoring and controlling the operations of the supply chain as efficiently by using information technology to give automated intelligence to a network of vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and others. Finally, coordinate processes involved in producing, shipping and distributing products, generally with large suppliers and manufacturing.

Founded in 2007, David Moorefield established the company with the vision to better serve our veterans and their family with the vision that its services stay focused on our clients. We chose these industries while focusing on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses and government agencies in the full range of the business cycle with a core staff of experienced professionals providing a well developed team approach.

Since its inception, DAK Resources, Inc. has been 100% Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business . We continue to build our own client base as consultants, prime contractor, and sub-contractor, securing multi-year contracts to provide services to many local governments, municipalities, and private sector organizations.

Our emphasis on governmental and private sectors makes us uniquely qualified to provide exemplary service to these specialized client needs. Our consultants already have security clearances to meet classified areas within the government agencies, and they all have the following “core values ” are “ honor – integrity, responsibility, accountability; courage – do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons; and commitment – devotion to our family, clients, country, heavenly father.”

Reasons to Engage DAK Resources Inc.

Technical Knowledge and Understanding - Our proposals will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant technical issues of the engagement and of the scope of the project, including the deliverables expected.

The Right People - Our team provides excellent resources that address all key skills, functions and backgrounds necessary to meet your specific project objectives.

Tight Management - We have built a strong track record of timely delivery of quality products by setting realistic goals, assigning the best people to a particular project based on their individual skill set and monitoring the process closely.

On Time, On Budget - We commit to and achieve agreed upon deadlines and pride ourselves on meeting project objectives within budget.

We Make a Difference - Our experience puts us in the position to give you valuable, constructive feedback and contribute to solutions by introducing positive and practical suggestions for improvement.

Partnership Approach - We will conduct projects in a manner designed to strengthen relationships between all parties. As consultants, we make extra effort to put our clients at ease while maintaining the professional attitudes necessary to achieve our objectives.

Relevant Policies

Confidentiality – We maintain strict confidentiality when working within government and non-government agencies. We adhere to the professional standards to which we are bound to assure our clients' confidentiality is never compromised.

Ethics - Ethical behavior is a foundational principle as a professional service provider. Also, as evidence of his commitment to ethics, David Moorefield, President of DAK Resources, Inc., is an ethics professor for the University of Phoenix .

Quality Assurance – We guarantee client satisfaction with the quality of our personnel.