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DAK Resources wants to do everything possible to help our US military, protect our borders by providing customized packaging solutions.  By using our special packaging designs we know you will save money and be more resourceful with materials.  We are also proud to be a member of the Wounded Warrior Project.

- Reactive and EFP Armor Tiles
- Ammunition
- Engines
- Aircraft Components
- Aircraft Fuel Bladders
- Submarine Components
- Helicopter Components
- Weapons

Many of our special crates are suitable for transporting all types of products, no matter how large, fragile or heavy. Tough, secure, durable and weather resistant, the crates are custom-made to the customer's exact requirements, can be painted in corporate colors and imprinted with company logos.

- Flexible shapes and designs optimize transport space
- Custom designs maximize packing efficiency
- Easy to pack from the front, top, or side
- Two- or four-way pallet entry

Many of these crates are also reusable and are a cost effective way to handle a wide range of products. Reusable, collapsible plywood crates, tailor-made for every cargo. Investment payback is often within three trips.

- Reusable
- Many crates are durable for over 100 journeys
- Stackable - saves space and eliminates racking costs
- Collapsible - minimizes return shipping costs
- Quick and easy to assemble without special tools or power