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Job Title :

Oracle BPM Developer

Company :


Location :

Jacksonville Florida

Job Description :




1.        Document current state of business process using UCMN notation


2.         Model proposed solution using UCM 11g or 1Og business process modeling techniques and standard process notation UCMN


3.         Write detailed technical specifications for made up of several subsystems.


4.         Perform Developer project tasks related to requirements understanding and completeness, solution proposal, design, development, configuration, unit


testing and system testing.


5.         Work with clients to determine business process issues and propose creative and effective solutions to those issues.


6.          Consult with other Developers, plus Business Analysts, System Analysts and vendors to some degree.


7.          Perform unit testing and debugging. Set test conditions based upon code specifications. Able to debug most program errors (simple to complex). May seek assistance from vendors to debug complex errors


8.         Perform End-to-End testing of the business process to prove various workflow and integration conditions


9.        Work on integration issues and determines the integration approach. Coordinate with other areas for integration architecture solutions


10.      Configure BPM Workspace queues according to specifications.


11.      Configure out of the box BPM dashboard and Create custom dashboards


in the workspace.










1. Ability to work as a stand-alone technical resource on a project.


2. Must be able to clearly articulate complex UCM process issues to all levels of


the organization.


3. Ability to lead and facilitate interview sessions with process owners and the ability to summarize information into quantitative and qualitative models.


4. Must have a solid understanding of systems development life cycle.


5. Must have a solid understanding of database design methodologies.


6. Must have an advance understanding of coding design and documentation protocol as well as unit testing, change management and release procedures.


7. Must have a solid demonstrated proficiency using debugging tools.


8. Must have a solid demonstrated proficiency using versioning tools.


9. Must have an advance demonstrated proficiency programming in one


language (e.g. Microsoft C# DotNet, JDeveloper, Java, ASP, HTML, etc) plus basic proficiency programming in one or more other languages.


10. A solid demonstrated proficiency using standard desktop applications such as


Microsoft Suite and flowcharting and modeling tools such as Visio


11. Must have an advanced demonstrated proficiency using SQL or similar query language


12.Must have a basic knowledge of the Oracle Service Oriented Architecture


(SOA) suite





    Must have at least 2 years of experience in Oracle BPM lOg and 2 implementations.


    Have 1 year of experience in Oracle BPM llg and 1 implementation.


    Have 3 years of experience in Java using JDeveloper as the IDE.


    Have a basic understanding of some type DotNet framework.


    3 to 5 years of real time development using the C# DotNet development language.


    A college degree or an equivalent of 10 years of development experience.


    Strong skills required for Microsoft Office software including MS Word, Excel, Project, and PowerPoint.




Job Type :


Pay Amount :

126,068.80 annually