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Job Title :


Company :

DAK Resources

Location :


Job Description :

Minimum qualifications:

  • Must have a solid understanding of systems development life cycle.
  • Must have a solid understanding of database design methodologies.
  • Must have an advance understanding of coding design and documentation protocol as well as unit testing, change management and release procedures.
  • Must have a solid demonstrated proficiency using debugging tools.
  • Must have a solid demonstrated proficiency using versioning tools.
  • An advanced demonstrated proficiency using a report-writing tool.
  • Must have an advance demonstrated proficiency programming in one language (e.g. Microsoft C# DotNet, Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, etc) plus basic proficiency programming in one or more other languages.
  • A solid demonstrated proficiency using standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Suite and flowcharting and modeling tools such as Visio
  • Must have an advanced demonstrated proficiency using SQL or similar query language

Preferred skills qualifications:

  • Have an understand Role Based Access Control for Authorization security control.
  • Have a basic understanding of some type DotNet framework.
  • Should have an understanding of C# DotNet object binding
  • Have a basic understanding and work with smart business objects and their validation methodologies
  • Must have an advance knowledge of the C# DotNet development language with at least 3 to 5 years of real time development.
  • A college degree or an equivalent of 10 years of development experience.

Job Duties:

  • Write C# DotNet (at least 2.0) and VB code for system designs (for example, dealing with a number of interaction points, a number of tables and types of tables, complex business rules, etc.). Write programs that span platforms. Code to and/or create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Can read, write and understand system and functional requirements
  • Write detailed technical specifications for made up of several subsystems.
  • Report missing elements found in system and functional requirements to a other Developers, Business Analysts and System Analysts, plus able to explain impacts on subsystem and propose a strategy for filling gaps in documentation
  • Consult with other Developers, plus Business Analysts, System Analysts and vendors to some degree.
  • “Scope” time, resources, etc. required to complete programming projects. Seek review from SA and/or Project Managers on estimates.  Incorporate Developer’s scope information into own scope document (for integration points)
  • Perform unit testing and debugging. Set test conditions based upon code specifications.  Able to debug most program errors (simple to complex). May seek assistance from vendors to debug complex errors
  • May load database for testing, especially if there are multiple tables

Work on integration issues and determines the integration approach. Coordinate with other areas for integration architecture solutions.

Job Type :


Pay Amount :

55.00 per hour